5 Family-Friendly Tunisia Holiday Activities

Jul 31, 2020 | Excursions, Tunisia

Are you looking for a family-friendly holiday in Tunisia?

Tunisia has many fun and interesting activities for visiting families. For families with small children, older children, few or many, there are sure to be several of the below activities that will engage your family in the Tunisian culture as well as help you enjoy the fun this country has to offer.

1. Desert Camel Rides

Take an hour long trek into the Sahara, or even spend an overnight on the dunes under the stars. Children of all ages are sure to enjoy everything from interacting with their camel to climbing and descending sand dunes, all the while discovering the beauty of the desert terrain.

2. Beach & Water Activities

Beach and water activities are great ways to add a lot of fun on a Tunisia family vacation! The gorgeous Mediterranean coast of Tunisia displays many beautiful beaches. Besides building sand castles, playing in the clear blue water, and sunbathing, the adventurous will want to fly high over the coast para-sailing. Both parent and child can enjoy this adventure together. There are also jet skis for rent, as well as banana boat and tubing options for adding to your water fun.

Beach in Hammamet

3. Natural Hot Springs

For families seeking more natural off-the-beaten-path activities, the Korbous region in the Cap Bon peninsula offers natural hot springs. Families can enjoy wading in warm to hot sulphurous water that gushes out of the rocks and runs into the sea. The natural landscape of the region is also beautiful with mountains, cliffs, and breathtaking sea views.

4. Quad Bikes

There are many places in Tunisia where families are welcome to join in a quad bike tour of different areas, or rent quad bikes for a private time of riding fun. Parents can place 1 or 2 smaller children in front of them on the bike or older children can ride alone. The quads are easy to maneuver and lots of fun for exploring the Tunisian countryside, like Ksar Ghilane.

Ksar Ghilane Quads

5. Star Wars Sites

Children and adults of all ages love the Star Wars movies! What better way to bring these beloved films to life than to visit the actual sites where scenes were filmed on a private Tunisia Star Wars tour. From the desert town of Tataouine, to the underground dwellings in Matmata, to the natural landscape scenes from Tozeur, Chott el Djerid and the Ksars, to the scenery left behind after filming in Ong Jamel. Make lasting family memories on a Tunisia family holiday as you enjoy and explore the special part Tunisia played in these films.

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  1. Elaine Gore

    Looking for 4 adults to do all above activities with star wars tour.
    Dates wed 21st june 2023 fir 7 or 10 nights.

    • Ivan

      Hi Elaine,

      I have already replied to you regarding this inquiry by email. I hope it reached your inbox.

      May the force be with you,


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