old Ben’s Hut

Place of worship; now used as storage by fishermen

Appears in: Episode IV: A New Hope; replaced with CGI scene in 1997 Special Edition

Originally: A place of worship

In A New Hope, Luke goes searching for Old Ben who then saves Luke from the Tusken Raiders. They then head to where Old Ben had been in hiding all those years as Luke grew up on the vaporator farm. The exterior of Old Ben’s hut was shot outside the coastal town of Ajim on a little Tunisian island in the Mediteranean.

Inside the building you will find Arabic writing (Islamic expressions) and a half-cirular inset that indicates it was previously used as a place of worship. With no actual door blocking the entry way, it is now used by local fishermen to store their bicycles, mopeds, rope, nets and other tools and supplies. That being said, it is still very accessible to visitors.

The outisde of this building also features a mosaic-like artpiece of Obi-Wan Kenobi by French artist, Invader.