Tosche Station

Sidi Jamour Mosque

Appears in: Episode IV: A New Hope (deleted scene)

Originally: A mosque

The Tosche Station was originally a deleted scene from the cinematic release. Luke only makes reference to it when speaking with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. It was later used as a quick backdrop as Luke and Obi-Wan passed it on their way to the Mos Eisley Cantina in a digitally remastered release.

This old mosque sits on the eastern edge of Djerba island coast of Southern Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. It is generally a very tranquil place, except in the heat of the Summer when local Djerbese flock to the beach directly next to it looking for respite from the sun. It is also a great place to watch the (solo) sunset. There are a couple of cafes and usually a Tunisian fried donut (“bambalooni”) seller on the beach. Our favorite is the restaurant that overlooks the beach, serving delicious fish plates and Tunisian spaghetti.