Mos Eisley Slave quarters

Ksar Ommarsia (Ksar Medenine)

Appears in: Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Originally: An ancient Amazigh storehouse for grain

As Qui-Gon Jinn agrees to take young Anakin to learn to harness the power of the force, he escorts Anakin from his home in the Mos Eisley Slave Quarters to Queen Amidala’s royal spaceship where it has been stuck, requiring service. Anakin is seen walking with Qui-Gon only to run back to bid farewell to his mother Shmi, who he never sees again as we find out in Episode II.

Ksar Ommarsia is an ancient Amazigh storehouse for grain and other crops in the Tunisian governate of Medenine (locals know this site as Ksar Medenine). Each family would have one or two ghorfas (rooms) to store their grain that would last throughout the year until the next harvest season.

Today, it is the center of the weekly souk (open-air market). Streets are often packed and parking can be tough to find. Our private drivers and guides can make sure you get a visit to this iconic film spot.