Scratching Your Travel Itch in Tunisia

Oct 9, 2020 | Safety, Travel Tips, Tunisia

Travel Itch

So many of us around the world have a travel itch that just needs scratching. It seems like many have turned to local tourism which is a huge win for hotels, restaurants, and local tour operators. Many are scratching that travel itch with road trips or visits to national parks as well. While there is little we can do about closed borders and quarantine rules upon arrival at the moment, we do want to give you the most up to date information about entry requirements if you are hoping to come to Tunisia in the near future. Our Star Wars Tours are the most inquired about itineraries (yes, we offer other tours in Tunisia, as well as Morocco and Algeria too!)

What to See

Tunisia has what you need to satisfy that travel itch of yours. Naturally, we want to share the awesome film sites from the epic Star Wars franchise with you. What Star Wars fan wouldn’t want to see the town of Mos Espa and Luke Skywalker’s home (Lars Homestead) in person? But, Tunisia also has idyllic beaches, ancient ruins, and picturesque deserts; you will not leave wanting more.

Columns in Carthage

Covid-19 Entry Requirements

Tunisia currently is using a color-coded system for countries: green, orange, blue, and red. Your passport country will determine which set of requirements to follow. The list is updated regularly with the latest update coming just at the end of September.

Green: entry is not limited and quarantine upon arrival is not required. Countries such as China, Greenland, and Malaysia among others are classified green.

Orange: entry is allowed but mandatory 7-day quarantine is required. Countries such as Canada, Indonesia, and Germany among others are classified orange.

Blue: regardless of the situation, blue countries will be allowed entry and treated as Orange countries. Neighboring countries are Algeria, Libya, France, Italy, & Malta.

Red: entry is only permitted for Tunisian citizens, travelers with a Tunisian spouse, or permanent residents. All who enter must quarantine in a government-approved hotel for 14-days. All other travelers are not guaranteed entry. Countries such as the USA and Mexico are included in this list.

All travelers, regardless of color are required to provide a negative PCR-test administered within 72-hours of departure.

Covid PCR Test at Belisaire Hotel

From the Tunisian Government

Here are the official lists and requirements published by the Tunisian Ministry of Healthy Facebook Page. You will find the complete list of Green, Orange, and Blue countries as well as the entry requirements for each color.

Also, here is the Facebook page for Tunisia’s Ministry of Health.

Still have questions?

We recognize that planning travel anywhere comes with many questions. We’ve tried to answer as many as we can here but if you have more, don’t hesitate to contact one of our travel experts. We are ready and waiting to help you scratch your travel itch!


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