Packing for Your Tunisia Holiday

Jun 19, 2020 | Travel Tips

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Heading to Tunisia on vacation means packing cleverly and carefully to ensure your holiday is as comfortable as possible. Tunisia is filled with historical sights, cultural attractions, natural beauty, and spectacular beach resorts; not to mention the awesome Star Wars film sites!

Packing for each experience is essential from the shoes you choose to the clothing you place in your suitcase.


You will want to ensure you pack a pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes that you can wear for long periods whether you’re camel trekking in the Sahara Desert or spending the day making your way through the narrow passageways of one of the Medinas.

With so much to do and see, your shoes should be comfortable and durable. Ladies be careful of strappy sandals which may not be the best choice when exploring the gorges and mountainous areas.

You will find that many of the locals where sandals or flip flops almost everywhere. We recommend you bring a pair as these are convenient for the beach, day outings within the city, and easy while at your hotel and guesthouses.


You’ll want to pack plenty of light and loose-fitting clothing. Cotton pants and skirts are great additions to your suitcase enabling you to keep cool on those hot summer days.

Ladies: We recommend clothing on the conservative spectrum of your wardrobe. Sleeveless shirts, cut-off tops, shorts, skirts, and dresses above the knee, can draw unnecessary attention. Loose-fitting shirts and blouses that cover your shoulders will help you avoid uncomfortable attention and situations and keep you cool in the warmer weather. The exception to this is at the beach or pool.


There are magnificent picture-perfect moments in Tunisia, have your camera fully charged and available space on your memory cards and ready to be snapped away to ensure you don’t miss a second of your vacation. Be extra careful when traveling to the Sahara as sand can easily scratch lenses and damage equipment permanently.

Sun Protection

Tunisia can get very hot especially when traveling more inland towards the desert. Be prepared with a good sunscreen of at least SPF30 and a hat to protect your face. Sunblock can be purchased in-country but it is rather inconvenient for you to find it in a store and most definitely more expensive.

While swimming, rashguards and other sun-protective shirts are also advisable.

sahara camels


Carry water with you at all times and keep sipping it to ensure you don’t become dehydrated. We recommended bottled water, which can be purchased at relatively affordable prices in-country. 


Keep local currency on you in case you see that souvenir you want or you want to stop for something to eat at one of the cafes. Most vendors and merchants in Tunisia will not accept credit card payments so be prepared.

ATMs will provide you with some of the best conversion rates but check with your card issuer/bank as international fees can quickly add up! We would also recommend bring some foreign currency (Euros and US Dollars are preferable) just in case an ATM is not easily located or is experiencing technical issues.

Summing it up

Packing all the right things should ensure that you have an amazing tour in Tunisia taking in the Star Wars locations, extensive history, natural beauty, and amazing culture.


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