Tax Refund & Stimulus: Invest in Time Well Spent

Apr 20, 2021

Tax Refund & Stimulus: Invest in Time Well Spent


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April 15th was last week. For us Americans, that usually means tax deadline day. If you haven’t filed your federal taxes yet, I’ve got good news for you; the IRS extended the filing deadline to May 17th, 2021! So long as you don’t owe any taxes, you have an extra month to file this year! It isn’t as long of an extension as last year but it is still an extra month nonetheless.

We recognize that many are planning on using their tax refund this year to pay down debt or put it towards back-rent. Yet we also realize that others may be investing it for longer-term savings. With the average federal refund so far around the $3000 mark, coupled with a third stimulus check of $1400 per person, might I suggest a different kind of investment?

Tax Forms

Covid fatigue has set in for a lot of us. We want the routine of our pre-pandemic days. Though, the reality is that many of us have put off vacations and holidays because of the pandemic. With more Americans (and other nationalities) receiving Covid-19 vaccines, it seems that travel will be a very real possibility again! We know there is pent-up demand for travel, and not just any travel; travelers want an adventure of a lifetime! Have you considered investing your tax refund and stimulus into time well spent? Your refund won’t last forever but memories of Mos Espa and the Lars Homestead will.

What better adventure to share with your friends and family than a trip to Tatooine? Hunt for the Jawas, hideout in the cantina, and take in the galaxy. Better yet, enjoy the heritage of Anakin and Luke with your own private pilot and landspeeder. Build your custom itinerary with us today!


Lars Homestead Exterior

Invest in Time Well Spent

If you’ve always wanted to see some of these sites in person, let us know! We’d love to share this amazing country (and amazing Star Wars film locations) with you!

Contact us and one of our travel experts will be happy to help.


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