Can I Bring My Pet to a Star Wars Tour in Tunisia?

It is a truly horrible feeling: you grab your sunhat and carry on for your long-awaited trip to North Africa, but between you and the door there are two begging eyes sinking right into your soul. You ask yourself, why can’t I just bring her with me? Can pets go on vacation? Yes, leaving your furry best friend behind can feel dreadful, but there is good news! Whether you’re taking history lessons in Roman ruins, sunbathing the beaches of Djerba Island, or visiting the star-wars film sites of Tatooine—your pet can go on vacation, too! Your trip can be the adventure of a lifetime for both you and your furry friend. If you would like to bring your pet to Tunisia, here are a few key things you should know:

bring pet on a boat

Some pets love some time in the sun!

Requirements to Bring Your Pet to Tunisia

Tunisia, like most North African countries, does not have many rules to restrict pet travelers. The only major restriction is Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Tosas, and Mastiffs are not allowed (sorry big dog lovers!). All pet entries by air must land at Tunis-Carthage International Airport. Upon arrival, you will need to present a health certificate that shows your pet is in healthy condition and is vaccinated against rabies.

While not required, if you would like to bring your pet to Tunisia, we also recommend bringing a European Union Pet Passport. A Pet Passport is another form of authentication for pets. Having a copy will help you pass through Europe and is often honored outside the EU. You can apply to get one online.

Pet Accommodations

If your pet’s documents are set in order, the next step is to look ahead to pet accommodations. First, check ahead with your airline about bringing a pet. Most airlines are very flexible with pets. Next, look ahead for pet-friendly hotels. In the capital city of Tunis, Dar El Medina is a terrific option. Finally, make sure you pack plenty of pet food with you. In a pinch, pet supplies are accessible in many French grocery stores, but the food will be foreign to your pet. Research shows that major diet and recipe changes can affect pet health. Always try to keep your usual kibble brand!

dog brought into a hotel

Make sure to find a pet-friendly hotel!

Risk and Safety

A major goal in traveling is to keep plans as safe and stress-free as possible. This is equally so when you bring a pet along. A pet can be an exciting, memorable addition to your adventure. On the other hand, you must look ahead at the risks and challenges you may face. Does your pet have the right temperament for travel? Can they handle new environments? An often overlooked risk you need to consider is stray animals. Stray dogs and cats are very common in Eastern countries, Tunisia included. These animals very rarely cause harm to courteous people. However, stray animals are known to be very territorial. It is very dangerous to bring domesticated pets around stray dogs, regardless of your own pet’s self-control. When you venture outside controlled environments, you will need to be more vigilant to avoid strays. If you are worried about this, a local tour guide can guide you to the safest locations.

Plan You Visit to Tunisia

If you take your time to think through these risks, plan your accommodations, and follow regulations, you will certainly have a wonderful trip. We would love to help you plan the perfect Star Wars tour. We build custom, locally-guided Star Wars Tours. Take a look at our Star Wars packages or reach out to us here! If you’re ready to take the next step, contact one of our Tunisia Travel Experts today to start planning your Star Wars tour. Mosaic North is not responsible for pet transportation services on our private tours


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