Customer Review – Martin

This past January, my wife and I, along with a friend, traveled to Tunisia with Mosaic North Africa to take a Star Wars Tour. We had some limited time, but Mosaic worked with us to put together an amazing tour that covered 4 days. These four days were completely amazing. We had an amazing tour guide in Noureddine Yahyaoui. He was very knowledgeable and gladly shared with us, not only information on the Star Wars sites but also history and information on Tunisia.

The tour started with a visit to Sidi Driss, which was the location of the Lars Homestead. It was an amazing location and a wonderful place to stay. The following day we visited the Slave Quarters from “The Phantom Menace”. We were taken to a small cafe nearby which was an excellent pause during the day and let us experience some local cuisine. The next day we saw the Salt Flats, with Luke’s igloo, the Camel’s Neck, and Mos Espa. Again, thanks to our guide, we got an amazing experience and again got a chance to sample some locally made bread which was both flavorful and fresh. After those visits, we went to an oasis, and the beauty of it, and the waterfall we saw there was stunning.

The final day we headed back up toward Tunis and took a detour to Kairouan, the site of the first Arab city in North Africa. Again, Noureddine showed us wonderful sites, including the Mosque and a place for lunch. We concluded our trip with a stop at Carthage and the American WWII Cemetery. Throughout all of this, Noureddine was assisted by our wonderful driver Lotfi Turki. He always greeted us with a smile and a warm word.

Our trip to Tunisia was incredible, and it was completely thanks to Mosaic North Africa, Lotfi, and Noureddine. We felt completely safe, and more importantly, welcomed by the locals the entire time we were there. We can highly recommend this tour!


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