Customer Review – Jonathan

My friend and I just returned from Tunisia after having toured the various Star Wars filming sites around the country. We booked our tour through Mosaic North Africa (Tunisia Tours), and we had an absolutely fantastic time. From the first emails exchanged to the thank you card in the mail at the end of our trip, everything was perfect.

I had been to Tunisia before and visited most of the Star Wars locations, but it was a logistical challenge and in many ways it was a stressful trip. This time around I wanted a different experience and I found the folks at Mosaic North Africa to be friendly, knowledgeable, and very flexible with our itinerary. They listened to what we were looking for, made suggestions based on their in depth knowledge of the country and the locations, and ultimately executed a perfect trip for us.

As expected the Star Wars sites were amazing, and our guide and driver knew the locations very well. They were flexible with our time and made sure that we had everything we needed. For the kid who watched Star Wars on the big screen at age seven it was a magical experience. The people of Tunisia were absolutely wonderful as well, very friendly. We felt welcomed and safe everywhere we went.

Perhaps the best part of our journey was having the opportunity to get to know our guide and our driver. We learned a lot about Tunisian culture and daily life through them, and it was a real pleasure to have that experience. We enjoyed meals together and even had the opportunity to meet the family of our driver. We were friends by the end of the trip!

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of our trip we faced one of the nightmares of travel – lost luggage. This was clearly not the fault of Mosaic North Africa, but they invested a tremendous amount of time and effort in helping us. They altered our itinerary to troubleshoot the issue, they went to the airport multiple times and helped us with the language barrier, and they made a number of phone calls to the airlines to help secure the bag. In the end they were successful, and without them we would not have gotten our luggage back during the trip. They really took ownership of the problem – that is just the type of organization that they are.

If you are considering a trip to Tunisia then you have come to the right place. I have been fortunate to visit nearly forty countries on six continents, and I have taken a lot of tours – my experience with Tunisia Tours was second to none.

Jonathan A.

February 2018

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