Customer Review – Jeff T.

Mohamed was great, really enjoyed the time with him and he did a good job getting us to and from locations. Having lived and worked in some places with challenging traffic I would say he did a fine job given the conditions. Things were in good order almost the entire time. A few road closures required some navigational choices but he handled it.

Houcine was also a pleasure to tour with. He was knowledgeable about most of the film sites and offered additional flavor about the local sights. Overall a good experience with him and I would recommend him for future tours. Both had a sharp sense of humor which we appreciated.

Highlights: The Lars Homestead, Star Wars canyon, the Coliseum at El Djem and the archeological museum close by. The other bits were interesting as well but those were definite highlights. I appreciated the salt flats independently along with the bit of off-roading we did after the Neck of the Camel stop. Again, the driver made this fun.

I would certainly recommend Mosaic North Africa Tours for the Star Wars tour. Without knowing the other tours I would be interested to try them out based on the organization and enjoyment of this one.

Jeff & Family

April 2018

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